Mission Partners

We have a number of Mission Partners working in various parts of the world and in the UK. Over the years we have supported financially and prayed for individuals as well as organisations. 

Each housegroup is also linked to one of the Mission Partners and supports them in prayer and other ways.

Currently our main support goes to: 

In 2018 we have become a connected church with Tear Fund supporting a Church and Community Mobilisation Programme (CCMP) within local churches in Kondoa, Tanzania. (connected.tearfund.org/Partners/Tanzania)

Chris and Alison Hawksbee with CMS in Paraguay (www.cms-uk.org)

Clare our partner with UMN (United Mission to Nepal) (www.umn.org.np)

Church Pastoral Aid Society CPAS (www.cpas.org.uk)

SAT-7 (www.sat7.org)

Hope Gardens (formerly Rhema Partnership) (three students are funded) (www.hopegardensindia.org)

We also support the following through smaller gifts or from funds raised at events (Mission Fair, Spring Fair, Coffee Mornings, Christmas Giving, ...):

The Leprosy Mission TLM (www.leprosymission.org.uk)

Tear Fund (www.tearfund.org)

INF Green Pastures Hospital (www.inf.org) and Veranda Schools in Nepal

Bible Society (www.biblesociety.org.uk)

Fegans (www.fegans.org.uk)

Street Pastors in Tunbridge Wells

Street Teams in Tunbridge Wells 

Wintershelter (tunbridgewellswintershelter.co.uk)

Christian Vision for Men CVM (cvm.org.uk)

Youth For Christ (Tunbridge Wells) YFC-TW (https://tunbridgewells.yfc.co.uk)

And some of our young people who have had mission trips abroad


Tel 01892 521703 

St James Church Ferndale 

Tunbridge Wells