Staff, Lay Ministers, Church Council (PCC)






Rev'd Judi Hammill 


 Rev'd Caz Mills








Revd Judi Hammill


 Caz Mills


















Andrew Appleton


 Debbie Cooper













Youth Worker 


Operations Manager



Anna Wheatley 


Mark Wright










Anna Wheatley


Mark Wright


















Sarah Alexander (Mon-Tues)


Rachel Blythe (Wed-Fri)








Sarah Alexander


Rachel Blythe















Richard Revens 













Pre-School Manager


Jane Casterton  



Pre-School Supervisor


Clare Vanns



Pre-School Administrator


Jo Evans













After School Club Manager


Julie Grogan 



After School Club Administrator


Clare Harrison













Lay Ministers 










Roger Dunlop (Reader)


Liane Sparks (Reader)








Roger Dunlop


Liane Sparks













Susan Schibli (Reader)


Mandy Baker (Licensed Lay Minister and Anna Chaplin)








Susan Schibli


Mandy Baker













Bruce Williamson (Pastoral Assistant)


Mark Wright (Associate Evangelist)






 Bruce Williamson


Mark Wright 













 Tony Fitzpatrick (Reader)










 Tony Fitzpatrick










The Electoral Roll as at APCM 2023