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After Jesus was crucified two disciples left the others and made their way home to a village called Emmaus.

On their way they were met by a stranger who asked them about all that had been happening. Then the stranger explained to them how God had been at work even in Jesus’ death. He used the Bible, (the Old Testament) to make things clear to them.

At the end of their journey the stranger was going to continue on his way, but the disciples asked him to stay with them. While they were eating he took bread and broke it. Then they recognized who he was. The risen Jesus had shared their journey.

The first part is:

What Christians Believe
  • God is there and he matters
  • We need God in our lives
  • Jesus – his ministry and his death
  • The resurrection of Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Becoming a Christian


The second part is:

How Christians Grow

  • Learning to pray
  • Reading the Bible
  • Belonging to the Church
  • Sharing Holy Communion