St James is committed to the Safeguarding Policies of the Church of England. The policies can be viewed on the Rochester Diocesan web-site. The PCC looks at the policies each year at its first meeting. Mandy Baker has been appointed by the PCC to be the safeguarding officer and she can be contacted through the parish office or by email.

There is a special need for continuing vigilance when it comes to Safeguarding in these days of self-isolation. I have included below an extract from the latest guidance from the Church of England. The full guidance can be found by following the link on the first line of the extract.

Update from the National Safeguarding Team regarding COVID-19
As the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have said, the Church’s life together will look very different over the coming period. In particular, the Archbishops have urged the Church to continue to meet the needs of vulnerable people in our communities.

The National Safeguarding Team has outlined some brief safeguarding advice based on national guidance, to go alongside advice already being offered by Diocesan Safeguarding Advisers (DSAs).

We hope this will assist dioceses, cathedrals, religious communities and parishes in ensuring that during these challenging times good safeguarding practice continues to be observed.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has warned of strangers and cold callers trying to exploit the elderly and vulnerable while we all try to meet the challenge of COVID-19. We must be alert, support our communities and ensure our outreach and ministry continues to be compassionate and safe.

We hope the guidance below will assist in ensuring everyone remains as safe as possible during these unprecedented circumstances, which we expect to continue for some time. The ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQs) will be made available online in due course and will be updated as further queries and information become available.
Please be aware that this is an evolving situation, with government departments
providing updated information on an almost daily basis. Advice and responses to FAQs will be updated as new guidance is provided from the government.