Chris and Alison Hawksbee SAMS/CMS


Chris Hawksbee is an Agriculturalist/Farm manager by training and Alison teaches at the Asuncion Christian Academy. Chris works in Paraguay with the Anglican Church, as an associate mission partner with SAMS/CMS, amongst Amerindian communities in the Chaco region. He is a development worker advising and encouraging these people groups and "facilitating things to happen". A lot of time is spent visiting communities, especially church members, listening, encouraging them as Christians and being encouraged. Chris gives practical suggestions as well as training to these communities to achieve their goals, in particular relating to income generating projects. (eg The moringa project) Chris does similar work with local NGOs advising them on funding and implementation.

Chris spends quite a bit of time with Esteban Galeano, previously his helper, who is now president of OMI (organizacion mismo indigena) with managing their work, being under Indian management,  and self determination as well as advice when needed. They have worked with cattle, beekeeping, water projects, plus adobe homes.


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