House Groups

House Groups (which are known in other churches as Bible-Study Groups or Home Groups) have been around for years and play a vital part in life of the Church.

If you’d like to join a House Group, contact the church office or have a word with Jim Stewart.

The House Groups are historically divided up into street names. Each group takes on the responsibilty for a number of roads in that immediate area. However, through the course of time other names have crept in, meeting the needs for such an important area of the Church. The Groups are co-ordinated by Canon Jim Stewart. Each group has two leaders who take on the responsibility of running the group. Groups meet either weekly or fortnightly, normal on a Tuesday or a Thursday. Having said that, one or two groups meet at different times for various reasons.

Study Material

In Autumn we will be studying Luke's Gospel in detail.

The current list of House Groups are:

  • Monday Lunchtime Group (Monday lunchtime)
  • Calverley (Monday evening)
  • Rootz (Monday evening - for teenagers)
  • Shandon (Tuesday afternoon)
  • Springhead (Tuesday evening)
  • Wednesday Morning Group (Wednesday morning!)
  • Moat Farm (Wednesday evening)
  • Beulah (Thursday evening)
  • Ravenswood (Thursday evening)
  • Cleveland (Thursday evening)
  • Albion (Thursday evening)



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