Q. Urban Saints - Who’s it for?

A. Urban Saints is for young people in school years 7 – 9, that’s about 11yrs -14 yrs old.


Q. When do we meet and what do we do?

          A. At various times - and lots! Read on ...

We meet on a Sunday mornings at 10:15am in the basement of Church House (used to be the vicarage – now houses office, pre-school and meeting rooms including basement rooms decorated and used by ‘the youth’).

We start off in the Family Service at 10:00am. We aim to finish around 11:15am with refreshments in the hall with the rest of the congregation. Sometimes we meet for breakfast first!.

Rootz - is a Bible study group for the secondary school age group. We meet in the basement of Church House on Mondays 5:30 - 6:30 pm for Years 7 - 9 and 7:00 - 8:30 pm for Years 9 and above. Year 9's have the option of moving up from one group to the other during the year if they wish to do so.

Once a year we take part in a town-wide church activity known as The Noise. This is also organized by YFC and involves worship followed by practical tasks such as gardening, painting rooms, clearing litter from the streets, playing football and other useful tasks to the benefit of the local community.


We are always very pleased to welcome new people at all these activities so do come and join us.

 All leaders have been DBS (formerly CRB) checked.