The children are very much part of the family at St. James' church and we enjoy joining with them in worship .


On most Sundays the children leave the church part way through the service and have their own group in the church hall.

On some Sundays the children stay in church for the whole service. They are part of the church of today, not just the church of tomorrow. We want them to feel that they are members of the church, understand what is going on in the services and join in the worship of God.

We aim to provide the children with an activity sheet when they stay in the services. There is usually a picture to colour and a puzzle to complete on one side. This is mainly for the younger children. On the other side there are things to look out for during the service, questions to answer about what is said during different parts of the service and little explanations about phrases such as 'creed' and 'gloria'. The idea is for the older children and parents to complete these questions together, helping them to engage together in the service. We aim to help families enjoy worshipping together and feel able to discuss aspects of faith and worship afterwards in the home.