Baptism & Thanksgiving

An Invitation

Welcome – Thanksgiving and Baptism are a very special time in the lives of our children and we’re very glad that you have asked about them. Baptism is also be an important step in those who come to faith as adults as a public declaration of their faith in Jesus. 

It is an opportunity to find out more about our Christian faith, or to remind ourselves again of the basic things Christians believe. This is true whether we are regular church-goers or not. We would like to help everyone make the most of this special occasion and to feel a valued part of the St James’ Church family. 

We have included some information about services at St James below. There is more information about Baptism and Confirmation in the Church of England on their Baptism Page.  

Please get in touch with the Church Office or a member of the clergy if you'd like to discuss baptism or thanksgiving. 


Baptisms take place in our main 10am service in the presence of the whole church family. A vital part of the service is the promises that parents and godparents make about their own faith and trust in Jesus Christ, and their public decision and declaration to give their children a Christian upbringing.

This is why we run a short, friendly course to discuss the promises that you will make, and to answer any questions that may arise. We have found that parents completing the course and bringing their child to baptism have often made new friends, and have a deeper and richer understanding of their faith.


You may feel that you are not sure that you want to make the promises that are set out in the baptism service, but that you would still like to bring your child to God to thank Him and to ask for His blessing.

In the Thanksgiving we thank God for the gift of life, praying that He will watch over your child, and trust that in due time they will be received by baptism into the family of the Church. We pray for you as parents that the Lord will help you to be trustworthy, patient and understanding. Parents do not have to make any public declaration of faith during the service.

Please do talk over any of these issues with a member of the clergy.