Lockdown Communion

Sharing together in Communion is at the heart of the life of the church.

As it is not possible to celebrate together in the church we will be having communion on-line. The next one will be on May 10th.

It is important that we do not just stumble into new ways of doing things, but think them through just as carefully as we would normally do with changes to our worship. To help us do that I have written a paper which can be downloaded.

May we Take Communion: A response to the lockdown of our churches

In preparation for this I was greatly helped by another paper from Dr Paul Roberts who teaches at Trinity College in Bristol. Paul comes to a different conclusion and I have made his paper available too as a way of stimulating our thinking. I am grateful to Paul for allowing us to use his paper in this way.

Virtual Communion

I would be very happy to hear your views on this. Please do email me with questions and opinions.