Our Ministry Groups

The Fabric Ministry Group
Chair: Bob Avery
The PCC treasurer: Paul Robbs de la Hoyde
Rachel Blythe
Janet Edwards
Alan Legg
Ed Peacock
Ian Robinson
Andrew Sparks
Mark Wright

The Finance Ministry Group
Chair and treasurer: Paul Robbs de la Hoyde
The gift aid secretary: Gillian Williamson
Andrew Dawson
Alan How
Keith Osborn
Mike Phillips
Lindsey Ware-Jarrett

The Local Outreach and Social Activities Ministry Group
Chair: Karen Allen
Adam Bennett
Tony Fitzpatrick
Ivan Goldsmith
Helen King
Jean Meadows
Vanessa Nicholls
David Ware-Jarrett
Mark Wright

The Mission Ministry Group
Chair: Debbie Cooper
Andy Appleton
Carol Edwards
Michael Feaver
John-Mark Newton
Muriel Roundtree
Susan Schibli

The Pastoral Ministry Group
Chair: Parvin Stewart
The curate: David Commander
The pastoral assistant: Bruce Williamson
The co-ordinator of the prayer ministry team:
Adam Bennett
The co-ordinator of the welcome team:
Helen Commander
Mandy Baker
Sarah Bragg
Brenda Hunt
Ken King
Muriel Roundtree
Sarah Dawson

The Teaching and Worship Ministry Group
Chair: Jim Stewart
The curate: David Commander
The Readers: Roger Dunlop and John Fisher
Penny Bennett
Mike Lawes
Liane Sparks
The children and young people’s co-ordinator:
Parvin Stewart
Brian Sarney

The Youth and Children Ministry Group
The children and young people’s co-ordinator & Chair: Parvin Stewart
A child protection officer: Kay Dunlop
Noel Baker
David Commander
Carol Edwards,
Gillian Williamson,


Tel 01892 521703 

St James Church Ferndale 

Tunbridge Wells